The world’s most adaptable range of Luxury Bags & Accessories. Inspired by Ted Carbery, who made leather bags & accessories using his mouth and left hand, since 1942.

Ted Carbery was born on the 11th of November 1912. He was a saddler from Mountmellick Co. Laois in the midlands of Ireland.

Ted built a thriving business in the 1940’s with two leather workshops. He suffered an aneurysm when he was 44 years old. This caused him loosing the use of his right hand side, left speechless and he lost his memory. Ted’s road to recovery lasted 3 years. He documented every step of it in his diary which we discovered in 2015.

Incredibly, Ted made his leather goods using his mouth and left hand whilst supporting a family of 11 children.

His ability to crossover from right to left handed inspired us, to create a range of luxury bags with multi-functionality such as our 4 way carrying solution, our Smart-pocket with dual USB for charging on the move and tracking technology features. Yes our bags can carry stuff, yes they are handcrafted using the finest materials, but we wanted more, more unique, with more features than you would expect or imagine from such luxurious designs and materials.

Ted’s work

We spent months studying Ted’s work, noting key features and details that we would include in our designs. We let the design ideas come to us and they did over time. “We have created a range of bags & accessories that adopt to your lifestyle, with extra functionality that wouldn’t typically be associated with luxury bags & accessories”

Luxury Materials

For the past two years we have travelled Europe in search of the most authentic, luxurious and durable materials, designers and artisans to bring our collection to life.

We believe we have succeeded and we hope you will be more than satisfied with every single cut & stitch to achieve world class luxury. .

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Our aim is to create timeless functional designs that made to last a lifetime for any family to pass from generation to generation. Since 1942 Ted Carbery’s bags and accessories have shared in the stories of families the length and breath of Ireland.

We want to continue our family heritage in enhancing the lives of our customers all over our majestic planet.

Signature Briefcase with wooden handle, Smart pocket
Signature Briefcase Backpack side
Signature Briefcase Backpack with wooden handle key for the lock

“The purpose of a bag has not changed, how we use them, what we put in them, and how we commute with them has”

MNIT logo (2)

My name is TED was born. The story of TED did not just decide the name, it decided the logo and branding too. The hand in our logo is a left hand and you will notice in the centre of the E in tEd an arrow pointing from right to left symbolising my grandfather’s quest and determination to crossover from right to left-handed.


 Handcrafted to last a lifetime, so you can pass them from generation to generation.


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Signature Briefcase Backpack with Wooden Handle


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Unisex Messenger Backpack in Tuscan Tan | Italian Leather

Messenger Bag

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