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Arrow Belt Aussi Nut


Aussi Nut

Handcrafted in the heart of Ireland to uncompromising standards and ultimate practicality, the buckle is hand brushed from a solid block of brass and finished to the highest standards to last a lifetime.  The leather is sourced from one of the world’s finest bridal leather tanneries, to be tough enough to last for generations. Originally used by saddlers, a generous 3.5mm thickness will guarantee the belt will stand the test of time and patina beautifully over the ages.

Suitable for both men and women

For custom size please contact us directly info@mynameisted.ie

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About our Arrow Belt

Inspired by Ted Carbery’s story of survival, transitioning from being right-handed to having to craft his belts using his mouth and left hand, My Name Is Ted introduces The Arrow belt to symbolise that we can all choose our own direction in overcoming any dilemma we may face.

Craftsmanship technique

The notches of the belt are round and bold for ultimate practicality when belting the buckle. They are hand stitched by our master crafts women in the heart of Ireland, following the same methods, materials and process that Ted Carbery perfected since the 1940’s, using an organic thread made from linen fibres coated with a thin layer of wax to lend strength, weight and durability to the belt.

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Cut, Stitch Finish.

Time and patience are critical for creating a world class luxury finish. Every design we produce is cut and constructed by hand. Our artisan makers are master craftsmen and women that understand importance of perfection is every single stitch and finish.

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